Saturday 17 May 2008

Can I have A Word?

So the season is over and done with and i think it is safe to say that only City could have finished off their 2007/08 campaign in the matter that we did. An 8-1 away defeat at the hands of Boro was an utterly despicable result. Dunney's early sending off was so unfortunate- he tripped and just happened to bring their last player standing down, therefore it had to be an automatic red card. Just what we needed as everybody was hoping and praying for a card-free game with all eyes being on the UEFA Cup.

After that, City simply crumbled. Sven in his post-match interview put it right when he said that the player's mind simply were not in the game. Shinawatra announced, with approximately four weeks of the season left, that he was going to review Sven's position at the end of the season. Since then, the stench of uncertainy has lingered over the club and intoxicated all City fans. It is like a bad dream.

So where do we go from here? After a tense and nervy wait, it has been confirmed that City have in fact claimed the FIFA Fair Play spot that sends us to the first round of qualifying for the UEFA Cup this July. It is a great opportunity for City to really pull together and show Shinawatra what the team is capable of.

But will there be a team to pull together? If the rumours are to be believed, Shinawatra is apparently putting up the whole City team for sale. Johnson is on the verge of a £6 million transfer to Liverpool, Micah's going to the neighbours for £25 million (which disgusts me), and Dunney's considering his options. The backbone of the team are leaving, and Sven's future is due to be decided one way or another any day now. One thing's for certain- life is never dull as a City fan. It's just another ride on the City roller-coaster- and this time I am holding on for dear life.

The results of the latest poll are in. I asked if Shinawatra was right to put Sven's future in doubt after his debut season. 86% of you said NO, he wasn't right to put Sven's future in doubt. The latest poll is now open, happy voting.

I will be updating my blog with all the latest news, views and opinions on City throughout the summer. I can't wait for Euro 2008, despite England's controversial absence, and I will be supporting Croatia. Happy holidays and here's to a sunny summer!


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