Tuesday, 15 May 2012

 True Faith: The Epitomising 96 Minutes of How it Feels to be City

How the Blues became Premier League Champions in the most astonishing two minutes of football drama you may ever see.

If you pinch me I’d still swear it wasn’t true. After countless reruns, inhaling every single inch of newspaper coverage and drinking pints of champagne, it’s still difficult to comprehend the events of Sunday May 13. Already recognised as the most dramatic finish to a Premier League season ever, sky blue and white ribbons adorn the title trophy after City pulled off the most astounding Houdini act ever. 

I’d personally started the day off reasonably calm and optimistic, albeit incredibly excited. I’d been at the penultimate game in Newcastle a week previous and thought the atmosphere and events of that day in Tyneside would take some beating.  As City fans it’s never an option to take anything for granted: pundits, opposition fans and realists thought that on paper, the game against relegation-haunted QPR was a given. Fans of Roberto Mancini’s blue army didn’t dare to dream too soon; a history of following the side through the previously rare ups and more frequent downs paid testament to that theory. All it needed was a win. Three more points and the finish line would be crossed in glorious style. The Alex Ferguson-anointed ‘Noisy Neighbours’ would be Champions.

Attempting to settle the butterflies with a drink or two in Piccadilly