Wednesday 4 June 2008


Reaction to the Hughes appointment

So Hughes is our new manager eh? Now I know what the vast majority of City fans will be thinking- whatttttttt? But he played for the neighbours in Stretford? He can’t manage us. But he is. He has signed a three year deal at City and chairman Thaksin has been showering him with compliments, calling him ‘outstanding’. Do you know what? He is right.

You have to look past the fact that him and Fergie are really good mates and that he was a legend for the Stretford lot. The fact is that he is a great manager, with the potential to do a lot more. He made some quality signings at Blackburn Rovers, is tactically astute and is the right man for the job. A lot of blues wanted Mancini or Hiddink, Scolari or Mourinho (before he signed for Inter), but I am happy with Sparky. Thaksin will undoubtedly give him money to strength with, and I am now hoping that some players who were once unsettled will be encouraged to stay by Hughes (yes that was aimed at you Richard Dunne, amongst others).

So be positive about the news. Don’t let the fact that he played for United cloud your judgement of him as a manager. As always, keep the faith.

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