Tuesday 2 December 2008

Can I have a word?
Wow. What a week it has been for Manchester City. It's strange, but I truly thought that Arsenal were there for the taking, what with their off-the-pitch distractions at the moment- and my philosophy turned out to be correct. Robinho ran their nervy defence riot and the 3-0 score line was incredible.

Then on to Schalke in the UEFA Cup. I didn't really believe we had a chance over there, I knew confidence would be boosted with the Arsenal result, but there's no way I expected what happened. In the first 10 minutes Schalke looked to be a well-organised, hungry side. But their creative attacking left them exposed at the break, and Shaun Wright-Phillips, Benjani and Stephen Ireland were more than happy to venture forward to look lively for City. Daniel Sturridge also had a superb game. The 2-0 score was more than justified for a City team who travelled to Germany and looked composed and confident in Gelsenkirchen.

As for the derby...I really did think leading up to it we could win convincingly. But on the morning of the game I woke up feeling sceptical. Perhaps the week had just been too good to be true. But City looked lethargic and lacked hunger and passion. Mark Hughes shuffled the pack and, unfortunately, got it wrong. I thought that Pablo Zabeleta should have played from the start and Dietmar Hamann just doesn't have the legs anymore.

Much has been spoken today about Robinho's latest interview to the press. A certain tabloid red-top newspaper has completely taken his comments out of context: it's ridiculous that this 'sensational' reporting actual sells newspapers and that fans buy into believing comments like 'Robinho has slammed his Manchester City team-mates as a bunch of losers'.

The thing to do when you read an article is to look directly for the quotes, as the quotes tell the true story. Robinho is quoted to have said that 'City have good players but the mentality of a small side'. In no part of the interview does he mention the saying 'bunch of losers'. It's this kind of reporting that causes havoc within teams and amongst fans. It can initiate unwanted unrest and disharmony. Robinho is basically trying to inspire his team-mates to become better players and think like Champions if they are to attempt to compete at the highest level in the Premier League.

Keep the blue faith,

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