Monday 8 February 2010


I haven’t written on my blog for what seems like an absolute age and there are a few reasons to explain my absence.

Back in December, I was offered a job at Manchester City, working in the charities department. As a consequence of accepting the job, I decided to relinquish my role on BBC Radio Manchester’s popular City show ‘Blue Tuesday’, as I felt like I may have to compromise my new position at the club and didn’t want that to happen. I had an absolute ball on Blue Tuesday and learned so much from the wonderful team they have there. Here’s a big thank you to Sarah, Ian, Bill, Jo, Anne, Del, Stuart and of course, Lakey. The show is a genius idea, very informative, and will continue to go from strength to strength.

I’ve been very busy since accepting the role but, so have City themselves. The departure of Mark Hughes and subsequent introduction of Roberto Mancini, the dramatic Carling Cup semi final games and Robinho’s loan move- I know it’s a clichĂ© but there’s never a dull moment as far as City are concerned. I’ll continue to blog about the club as often as I can, although I must stress that my opinions never ever represent the opinions or actions of MCFC themselves. As a freelance sports journalist my thoughts and opinions are well and truly independent from the club.

The Premier League continues to be as enthralling as ever this season. It’s going to be really tight in the relegation dogfight over the coming months. Portsmouth, with their ongoing off-the-pitch dramas and debt crisis, look like a sinking ship. I feel sorry for Pompey: I think there should be stricter rules enforced by the Premier League and the F.A. when it comes to taking over a club. Vast research should be conducted to see if the new owners are eligible before going ahead with purchasing a club. In a similar vein, I’m not quite sure how the Glazers were allowed to buy Manchester United and plough the incredible amount of debt into the club. How are they continuing to exist with the frighteningly vast amount of money that their American owners owe? Money is talking more than ever in football right now- with the rich becoming richer and the poor ending up in administration (Crystal Palace for an unfortunate example).

I’m now writing for an up-and-coming football website, . The website is really impressive: it’s packed with information and up-to-date news and opinions. My blogs will be about all things football and I will post them onto here as well, as every article I write always gets included on Football Pundette. Favourite the website though and get involved, it’s going to be very popular.

It's good to be back!


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