Sunday 22 March 2009

Just what is going on with Brazilian ace Robinho? His attempt at a penalty kick during City's 1-0 victory against Sunderland was nothing short of embarrassing and his selfish attempts on goal infuriated substitute striker Craig Bellamy. His drop in form hasn't gone un-noticed.

Could it be that the usually colourful character of Robinho is suffering from a lack of confidence on the pitch? Or is there more to it than meets the eye. His fellow country-man Elano did everything he could to bring Robinho more into the game today but he struggled to make any kind of impact.

It's been widely-discussed that Robinho doesn't travel well unless it's in Europe. Sometimes it's like playing with 10 men; he is such a difficult player to fit into a side. But the beauty of Robinho is that he has the power to turn a game and to create something out of nothing. The worrying statistic is that he hasn't scored for City since the end of last year. Will the Brazilian find his form in time for City's UEFA Cup quarter-final against Hamburg? Let's hope so.

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