Tuesday 24 March 2009

What is the deal with Pele? Does he have this weird grudge against Robinho or some inside knowledge or insight into the fellow Brazilian?

After saying that Robinho needed 'serious counselling and was badly advised' for coming to City back in September 2008, Pele has now come out and stated that Robinho and his country-man Ronaldo have both used recreational drugs at a party in Sao Paulo.

Robinho is said to be 'upset and disappointed' at the slur and has threatened Pele with court action unless he retracts his initial statement. This is the absolute last thing that Robinho needs at the moment, but just where has it come from? One can only assume that Pele's original quotes have been completely taken out of context.

Robinho- let your football do the talking. Lets get some of that samba magic back on the pitch to shut up the growing list of cynics and critics.

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